My Heart and Soul....
2002-08-14 02:27:49 (UTC)

Wishing on stars...


I'm in a great mood tonight. I have been all day actually. I
guess it started last night, when a certain *special guy*
called me. [he knows who he is]. We talked for a LONG time,
and watched the shooting stars together. I made some wishes,
that I'm not telling anyone...especially *YOU*. I think I
feel better than I've felt in a long time. It's so great to
have a smile on my face for 24 hrs straight! It's been a
while. *THANK YOU*

BUT...now I am in a great mood. Looking forward to
Halloween, when *someone* said they were going to dress up
as Peter Pan, and wear GREEN TIGHTS!!!! :-D I can't wait to
see that!!!

So I guess that is the only news I have. I'm just in such a
GREAT mood, i can't think of what to write. And I'm holding
breath for the phone to ring tomorrow night, cause *someone*
is gonna call me!!!! YIPPY SKIPPY!!!

Ok, well nighty-night! Sleep night!