Quarm schwargle moo
2001-07-12 03:12:21 (UTC)


How do you really talk to your friends. One of my friends
right now is really mad at me because I got upset about a
comment that she made. And instead of starting an argument
with her, I hung up the phone. Now, what I don't understand
is, how do I make it up to her, when she won't speak to me.
I've called her, and it only makes her madder. I've tried
to talk to her online. She lives to far away, or I would go
see her in person.

And what if she decides to do something drastic, like kill
herself. It would be entirely my fault for hanging up on
her. And how many of my friends am I going to drive to
suicide anyway. I've already lost one friend. Am I going
for two?? Hell, maybe I can be in the Guiness Book of World