The Daily Babble
2001-07-12 03:01:13 (UTC)

Our Visit with Lady Liberty...

Geez, what a day!...It didn't end up how we planned..or
should I say it didn't begin like we planned, but it was a
good day...though I'm extremely tired right now!

Lets see..when I woke up I saw the weather was kinda crappy
so I called Jeff and left a message saying for him to check
if there was going to be a storm or anything and he called
me back later saying that it was supposed to clear up so we
should go ahead with our plans....So we met up at NJIT at
9:30 and went to Burger King for breakfast. The funny
thing was that we drove to the one closest to NJIT...only
to find that it was torn down! So we went to the other one.

As soon as we finished eating and stepped outside, it
started pouring! So we were like what the hell?! But
decided to go ahead anywayz in hope that it would clear
up. So we followed his internet directions to Liberty
State Park.

Now that was an experience......It took us forever to get
on the 1&9 cuz of some drawbridge or something and then
when we finally got to where the directions said...we were
at a cemetery!!! So we drove over to some other park and I
asked this cop lady for directions. She said it was
difficult cuz some streets were closed off and stuff but to
basically get to Kennedy Blvd and to some other street and
we'd just take that down to the park so we said ok...Then
we find streets blocked off AND a MAJOR accident right
where we could get on to Kennedy! So we're waiting forever
and I hate traffic so I'm getting antsy...and then we just
make a turn and go back down.

We went to a Gulf gas station for directions...The guy was
really nice and he gave us directions and told us there was
some major accident and blah blah. So we made our way back
to the turnpike and then got to Liberty State Park in like
15 minutes! We were like driving from like 10:00-12:00!...

But anywayz we parked...bought tickets and walkedd around
cuz we had almost an we took pictures and looked
around and talked and then went on line for the boat...It
was really cool cuz we were almost like tourists taking
pictures and being all excited about being there. But then
I was all annoyed cuz we got the dinky boat not the cool
one with the open top and three decks, but whatever.

So the first stop was Ellis Island. That was pretty cool.
We only spent 45 minutes there cuz we didn't want to miss
the boat and be stuck there for another hour. But we did
walk around all 3 floors, look at stuff and take lots of
pictures and even one lil video....On the way to the Statue
of Liberty, we got the nice boat! Hehe.

Jeff took crazy pictures...of Ellis Island, of the Statue,
of me, of the skyline...but I'm looking forward to that....

When we got to Liberty Island we decided to walk around
first...we tried to get something to eat but all they had
were hot dogs so I had ice cream, hehe. Then we got some
lady who didn't speak English to take our picture, but she
did a pretty good job....Then we went to get on line to go
into the Statue of Liberty but we found out that we could
only go up to the 10th floor which is the pedestal!!! The
only people who could go up to the Crown were those who
came on the 8:30 boat ride!!! How crazy is that?! But we
were there so we stood on line anywayz. It was kinda was more fun coming down then going up. We
stopped on the balconys and took pictures and stuff and
then it was almost time for the boat so we ran over to
catch it otherwise we'd be there for another hour! And we
just made it. There was some crazy kids on that boat
ride! They were eating and running around, it was just

So we got back to Jeff's car and drove to Jersey Gardens
for some shopping....But first we ate...I had some really
crappy salad from Ranch1 and good pizza from Sbarro....We
walked around and then the only thing he ended up getting
was a hamper and fan from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

We went pack to NJIT and just sat in his car and talked.
We had the strangest conversations about our old teachers
and detention and stuff, but it was nice...We were both so
drained. And then I had to get home so that was that.

Tomorrow I'm going to spend tomorrow with him and we're
going to lunch with Caryn so that should be fun...And then
after that, hopefully I'll see him at the banquet!...It
looks like I should be able to go.

Well that's all for now, time for bed, I'm tired! Oh and
we're going to put our pictures up soon so I'll let you all
know the address, hehe! G'nite!