Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2002-08-14 01:51:12 (UTC)

Hope it wasn't MY Fault!

I was awakened at exactly 12.30pm (mobile phone time) by
Christine and her inquisitive text messaging. She wanted
to know if there were any plans for the week ahead. PLans
as always mean that the group meets up, whats left of it
anyway, and we either go to the cinema or go to someone's
house. It's fun I guess, if somewhat repetitive. She also
wanted me to come to her house and set up her laptop.
coincidently its practically the same model as mine except
it has a Local Area Network already installed, I still
have to get mine before University time in September. It
also has a gold button when the rest of it is silver/grey.
And its keyboard style is the wrong colour for the rest of
it. Like a white/grey. I prefer the transparent black of
my keyboard. Trivial attention to detail is my specialty,
as is often seen. The weather this afternoon was sporadic
at best. When I left the house, the sun was out although
some clouds were around. About 30 minutes after getting at
Christine's it rained heavily for about an hour then the
sun came out again. Yawn, I only brought my lucky denim
jacket. OK, I only have one denim jacket but since I got
it I've been wearing it constantly. Plus it holds my lucky
ring from Final Fantasy VIII so some luck must have rubbed
off on it. Whatever the case, it does not repel rain in
any way.

Spent most of the day at Christine's house. It didn't take
long for the boredom to comence. With only the two of us
there though, it was to be expected. Anyway, I was there
for one purpose and one purpose only - to get some of
Christine. Oh wait, thats not the reason, it was to set up
the laptop. All was going well until Midtown Madness 2 was
put into the CD-ROM. Then whackiness ensued. The CD-ROM
caused the whole system to freeze. Every time a disc was
put in. Through the power of logical thinking we guessed
that someone who had it previously must have returned it
because of this fault. We guess it was Doreen McCarthy
since that was the name that was in the system when we set
it up. Silly Caw!! So we put all of it back in its box to
let Christine's dad deal with it. He's good at that sort
of thing. Most dads are. Got the "practice over the years"
as Chrsitine's dad said to me on the way home. Also whilst
there Christine told me that she hadn't met with Sarah
yesterday or today, the re-arranged day of meeting her. I
can't recall the reason though.

Well after Christine's dad dropped me off, Stuart accosted
me outside the house. He wanted in the house. Seeing as my
father was at work, I didn't see any reason to refuse his
request. So long as I kept an eye on him most of the time,
he couldn't steal or sabotage anything. He's not as bad a
thief as Christopher and still has some family morals.
Well when it comes to me anyway. Perhaps I am weak for not
siding with my father because it would be easier for me in
the long run. What I lack in that I make up in other
places so it balances itself out in some way.

Mother came in and sat for a while too. She brought me
lemon juice ^_^, I like lemon juice. She'll bring the hair
clippers around tomorrow afternoon/night so I'll finally
be rid of this fatally wounded hair. It can return anew
with natural colour and the like. Must remember, NO MORE
DYE!! Stay blonde, thousands of women would kill for your
natural hair colour. Let them suffer when they see your
hair! Heehee, deliciously evil.

I grow weary with Ruth's insignificant defiance of my
plans, I will have to eliminate her soon. I shll use
poison cupcakes. Delicious yet deadly!