starry nite

my own world
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2002-08-14 01:36:16 (UTC)

really down

well tasha said she can drive. so at least thats worked
out. and now i can ask a couple other people if they wanna
go, and hopefully they will know how to get to the place
because that would be easier then trying to follow a map.
well today steve said that i was mean, he said i'm mean to
him sometimes.that made me feel bad. im not mean, i know
that im not, its just im extremely sarcastic all the time
and sometimes people mistake that for me being mean. now i
feel bad though. it made me cry and now i dont even wanna
talk to him anymore. hes meeting us at the show now cuz
that was easier then driving to my house but i dont even
want to talk to him there. its like i just want to stop
being friends with him. hes really cool, and i like being
friends with him...or at least liked, but now i just feel
fucking im just a bother. well i dont know what
to write, im really depressed and i want to just stay away
from everyone because i just hurt them and im not wanted

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