2002-08-14 00:38:15 (UTC)


Gavin is going through his room deciding what to bring with
him, what to store, and what to trash. One of the things
he's been getting rid of is empty boxes. I took several of
these as they are good size for ferrying cookies, brownies
and other treats to him and Owen when they go off to
university next month.

I've made a list of care package treats. I haven't included
fruit or juice or other things they can buy themselves (but
probably won't). So far I have

chocolate chip/peanut butter/oatmeal
Also pepperoni bread, meat turnovers, soup and fresh bread
or corn muffins with honey butter.

Both will have little refrigerators in their dorm rooms and
they have access to microwaves in the common kitchens.

I've got Halloween decorations on my list too; those are
always fun to shop for. Well, at least this way I'll still
be able to cook and bake but not have it home to tempt me!
Four little words: When asked how he and his wife had stayed
married for more than 50 years, the man answered *You just
have to remember four little words. Honey, I was wrong.*
Too true, too true. Works both ways.
Gavin went to the lake with Jessica and Hugh went to Albany
with Warren. John called me from work several times. It's
68 degrees in the control room but he says every hour he has
to go out and check the machines visually and out there it's
140 degrees with 90% humidity. Whew! I bet he's really
glad to get back into that control room!