last in line

shattered memories
2002-08-14 00:21:19 (UTC)

thoughts of others'

sometimes i wonder alot about what would have happenen had i said the
things i was thinking..
this goes for many situations..
i wonder about how other people would be affected had i
shared my thoughts..
some people are forever changed by others' thoughts.
for example jesus (if he really exsisted)
im not one to fall into "well my parents are christian"
if people are going live by someone elses thoughts,
then to them they are rules..
these rules are inforced by preechers and priests and when
broken the person is punished ..
this makes them laws..
these people live by their own laws and in history have
been known to fight the land that they live in's laws and
live by their own as if they were higher than everyone else

population is made up of partly these people and partly
people who have no religious rules.. laws but very much
(little known to many religious persons) have morals..
morals are something everyone has even if they are not
aware of them...

morals make us strong..... give us charecter and make us
who we are...
i heart morals

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