Damien toxic 116

The Book of 116
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2002-08-14 00:07:15 (UTC)

my day

well my day was very nice my jessica called me telling me
she still wants me which really made my day what i done all
day was watch beyond the mat about the life that wrestlers
have to go through hung out with billy hes like my brother
watched a little tv nothing was on christian retards after
me again trying to convert me and shit listened to a little
kittie missed jessica alot i like miss talking to her and
everything went to see my anger management class just
talked about the shit my parents put me through and all the
other bullshit about people trying to convert me and shit i
love my jessica like more than anything and i dont care if
people think im soft but it really dont matter because i
love her and i will addmit that im not a fucking pussy to
say i dont love the person and i do you kno0w what FUCK YOU
GODAMN CHRISTIANS working on my forth album which my first
one has been delayed because we need equipment and shit oh
yeah did i ever say i miss my jessica?oh wait i dead god
that girl is so hot i mean damn shes very sexy and i cant
wait too see her ok well im ending it saying this i love
you jessica and cant wait for you too get back

Damien toxic"

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