The Life of Me
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2002-08-13 22:25:17 (UTC)

Hmm Life is weird

Life is weird with its twists n turns- heard that once in
poetry in primary school english and now 9months off 18- as
my mum keeps remindin me its more appropriate.
My mates r like stars i cant always see them but i know
they r there, weird their all so special and totally
appreciated those at home and far away even in Thailand! If
ur reading this guys ur wicked and for those i havent told
i lubs ya!
Hmm 5 days n i go PGL in france which is amazin n i cant
wait- but then i'll remember i only know these ppl as lil
boxes on MSN scarily they know my secrets my fears and have
shared the good times, Will meet Han and shes been a box
with blue writing for like 3 years! and the other flippin
mental nutters, i must be mad but no i know its gonna be 2
weeks of staying up late gettin up early drinkin weak
squash n still be alive when my dad gets me.
Well its really late but i know as soon as i'll go bed the
random thoughts of failure will prance around my mind until
ive tossed n turned so much ive fallen asleep (usually
about 3am!) 2morra im goin gym- it kills me there and makes
me more aware of my shape n stuff, and then ive got a brum
brum lesson which im not lookin 4ward to! But then L is
staying which is wicked but that means we've got to go
school thursday n collect these dreaded results.
Hmmm well thats a random summary of my confuddled mind
right now but life is wicked and im still smiling n singin
along to s club, he he he.
Kat xXx

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