My Life.............
2002-08-13 21:59:45 (UTC)

trying again...........

well, i called Bobby again, found out he was there, just
didnt want to talk to me, i also found out he said his mom
wont let him have a girlfriend, my god, the man is 35 years
old!!!!!! so, thats it with him...
I talked to Bill lastnight, we went for a ride and talked,
i still dont trust him, and i told him that, its going to
take awhile for that trust to build again, but, i must say
he was very sweet, he gave me compliments.:) we talked
about Bobby, i cried, told him i missed him, but, since
this happened i told Bill to tell Bobby not to talk to me,
or even look at me again, im not playing head games, he can
have his little mommy, i hope they are happy together!!!
So, here i sit, hoping Bill would come in to be with me,
but, he said lastnight he doesnt know what hes doing, he
got off work at 4 and its 6 now, so, its hard to tell where
hes at, i really didnt expect him to come in anyway........

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