my mixed up world
2001-07-12 01:56:03 (UTC)

cool guy

I've been talking to this guy John, no not john horvath (MY
John) but this guy who handles the webpage for Downside (a
local band, I've never heard them but I'm sure they're
good). We started talking because I e-mail Jhead (I think
that's right), he's in Downside, because their guestbook
was full, and since John takes care of the website then he
put me on his buddy list to tell me when it was fixed. But
in the time that he put me on to the time that he saw I was
on his buddy list, he forgot WHY he put me on there. So we
had the whole thing of "why are you on my buddylist"
and "why am I on your buddylist". Eventually we, well HE
really, figured it out. But we still talk. It's weird, I
don't even know him and yet I've been telling him alot, I
even gave him the link to this diary. (HI john!!
**winkwink**) I guess the reason is that since he doesn't
really know me I don't have to worry about him having pre-
judged me. You know what I mean? Or does that make no
sense? Oh well, life goes on. I'm out.


"Don't frown, you never know who's
falling in love with your smile" :-) (-:

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