Cute Chaos

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2002-08-13 21:29:21 (UTC)

Swimming with Rusty

Rusty was supposed to come over to my house this morning.
It turned 3:00 pm and I decided it was not morning anymore.
I went over to his house and he was still sleeping. I guess
the little ones kept him up until 6:00 am. We talked for a
little while and played some video games. Helped his
grandmother put together a bed and cleaned. I am such a
helper! His mother did not want him taking the car tonight
for the movies so we went swimming instead. I thought it
was just going to be Rusty and I but he decided he should
take the kids alone too so that his mom could get a some
good sleep before going to work.

Before we went swimming we came over to my house for a
little while and played some video games and grabbing my
bathing suit. John called me. He said that he had my money
for the STD testing. He asked my if I had talked with the
cops at all. I did not know what to do so I just kept
telling him I was not allowed to have contact with him. I
told him never to call me again, hung up on him. It put me
in a really pissy mood.

Swimming was fun, we went past some of Rusty's old house
and talked, but I was still in a pretty bad mood because of
John. Rusty beat the crap out of Tom. Throwing him around
in the water and all sorts of things. I felt kind of bad
for Alyssa because she had no one to play with. I swam some
laps in between the bowies. Rusty came out by me and we
played on them trying to stand and everything. Them Tom
came out. I kicked him in the balls on accident. He almost
topped me too. Thank god. I was getting pretty bored. I
wished Wally was there. I always have fun when he is
around. I have someone to beat up... or should I say
someone to beat me up, but I still have fun trying. He
always puts me in a good mood too. It was getting really
cold so we decided to leave. On the way home we got 29 cent
ice cream from Mcy D's like I do every Sunday. I felt bad
because I did not go with Wally. I really wish I would have
hung out with Wally today though. Rusty wanted to see if
one of his old friends was home. He also stopped by his ex-
girlfriends house. We went past his work and I got to see
his Trans Am. Pretty sweet. I guess he has some work to do
on and needs to register it. First, he needs to get his
license back. I saw some more shooting stars, and got my
bum kicking in Mario Golf. I guess it was a good day.


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