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Matt's Whining and Bullshit
2001-01-13 00:04:33 (UTC)

UGGGGGGH!!! My brother once..

UGGGGGGH!!! My brother once again put his life at risk
today. Its friday night and where am i? I'm at home!
Writing into this stupid diary... I am supposed to be
babysitting but I took a moment out of that to come and
bitch to this book...

School was boring... it felt like no one else was there
most of my classes were very empty

I came home and was reminded that I had to babysit which
I'm sorta doin now. And after a while of back and forth
decisions about whether or not my babysitting services are
needed they decided to drop the kid @ my house for me to
watch him... Kev said if they drop him off here he'd watch
him when I went out and then what did he do?? He left!
Because hes an asshole! He went out to the movies with his
friend when hes supposed to be watching him for an hour so
I CAN GO OUT. For the first time in like 2 weeks I have
somewhere to go but I have to FUCKING BABYSIT.

"Lately I've been skeptical, silent when I would used to
speak, distant from all around me... that witness me fail
and become weak..."

~ Matt