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2002-08-13 20:52:00 (UTC)

day 2-still sinking in

Today was the 2nd day for my pharmacy school orientation.
I had a massive headache when I woke up this morning.
Wait-let me describe my decorating genius idea that didn't
so much work. So, my bed is really high up in the air.
However, with both beds made up, and stuff already in the
room it would be a major pain to lower mine at this point.
So, since I can't sit up on my bed, maybe my roommate will
let me sit on hers some. :-p Not only is my bed in the
sky, but there's nowhere up there to sit anything. It's
too far away from the wall...the crack is to big. My
pillows don't fall through, but not much else will stay
there. No place to sit my alarm clock, except on the post
of the bed. I decided I would buy a shower caddy and sit
my clock there, which would've been fine except that the
shelf was about 2 inches too short. I taped my clock to
the shelf, but the tape only held about an hour. I think I
need some duct tape. So now the clock is just sitting on
the post again, maybe I should duct tape it to the post to
be safe. At least the shelf holds my book. Anyway-so that
was my space dilemma.
Big headache this morning, tried to correct it with some
brkfst and tylenol. First thing this morning was a
breakfast, danish, muffin type thing. So, we stood around
and talked a bit. Took about 20 more class pictures. All
of the organizations spoke this morning, gave a little
presentation type deal. I think I've decided on what I
want to join. ASP...it's the Academy of Students of
Pharmacy. There's actually a big organization for
pharmacists, but b/c we're students we have an opportunity
to be in it as well. It sounds like it'll be good. Some
perks: you get some publications, which should be good
info as well as textbook discounts. So, I'm holding off on
buying the other half of my books...especially since they
have 1 that they can sell at a discount with our
membership. However, dues are almost $50. Ouch.
Then there was the big fraternity issue. There are 3. The
one I've chosen is mostly service oriented. Phi Delta
Chi. Kappa Epsilon would be good and all...but it's all
female. Communist Campbell has separated the sexes as much
as possible, so I'm not going to try and hold myself back
more. Kappa Psi, it just intimidates me. I'm not that
outgoing, partying type. Rush starts next week. Round
Robin, we'll spend time with all 3 of them, and then we
have to attend 2 rush events for the one that we want to
join. It should be interesting, at the least.
The Navy came and spoke. That would be something to
consider, except for the fact that I'm adverse to change.
Moving every 2 years isn't exactly my idea of fun. They
fed us Subway for lunch. Yum.
Registration this afternoon was mostly filling out
paperwork and getting a new ID made. It actually looks
somewhat like a real college ID...horrible picture and all.
Another trip to Wal-Mart. Ha.
I'm just chilling in the room for the rest of the
afternoon. I got the rest of my clothes put up. Emptied
the trash.
CVS is sponsering a 'pig pickin' tonight. It's for the
whole pharmacy school. So....I'll be heading to that in a
while. A pig pickin. It doesn't get much more southern
than that. Haha.