Anonymous Thoughts
2002-08-13 20:13:16 (UTC)

more updating

errrr, summer summer ... whats been happening, stuff ...
er, hanging tons at my boyos house and then Shash is
finally here from Canada ... bad thing, i get annoyed
easily by Shash, i'm not used to her being around, we got
kinda distant this year cuz she was always with pan ... so
she was never there when i really needed her, so i got used
to going to other friends and i'm closer to them now ... oh
wells ... and uhh, yea, i think i've worn out my welcome at
glenn's, been hanging out there all month, blah ... but
yea, should have left earlier last night instead of staying
for a bit, cuz his mom got mad and ish, blah ... oh
wells ... hopefully we can get things together though ...

ive been thinking ... *sigh* we do need to get our acts
together .... i admit that carls right about us always
being off in our own little land ... we tend to just ignore
things and then we dont take care of our responsibilities
so we have to go through drama with outside peoples ...
bOOo ... *sigh* we're working on it ... and then on the
inside, we're both working on things too ... i'm working on
being less picky at things and he's working on speaking up
more with his needs ... so yea .. hopefully everything
works out aite ...