Hobbes' Diary
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2002-08-13 16:58:21 (UTC)

my first entry! bwee!

Well, this is the first "diary" i've ever been able to
write in without my dear ol' mum being able to read it.
isn't this nifty. well, there's isn't much to say now. i'm
goin to georgia for the peanut festival this thursday.
wee! i'll be able to see hilary mccarthy. she's awesome.
but i'm wondering if the peeps down there will even like
me again. i've changed so much since i last saw them. i
hope they still accept me. oh well....if they dont, sucks
for me. but at least i hope they have some
skaters/stoners/punks there. i'd feel kinda funny of there
weren't. most of them are hicks....yea. even the chics.
it's like...omg!! how can you do THAT?! for FUN!?! *shakes
head* we're staying with mr. glen and mrs. glenda. heh heh
heh. brent...god he's looking good. and he's only a year
older than me! bwee! *ish excited* i can't wait to see
him..and them. lol! i wonder what nick wint will think of
me. last time i sawhim he was a ladies man. *blink* or
what jesse will think of me....! i'll see
alexa also. i wonder how her mom is doing? they diagnosed
mrs. bree with hepatitis c i think. i really ought to call
her. well, gtg and make some phone calls. mo' later.