Jenxter's Shitty life in Canada
2002-08-13 15:32:39 (UTC)

Chapter 30 - month 8 -day 13 - Year 2k2 :: Lost love

- Got back to work, build up with all the crapy pieces of
computer remaining , got myself a P1 133Mhz with 32 megs of

- Lost my girlfriend, she left , but she want's to be
friends, sku around for a while, etc.. damn im 30 years old
i have other things to do than skru around.

- If theres any girl out there, with a photo or wishes to
build a life , contact me, i have a big appartement, and
it's really wildlife outdoors, you can see a picture of me
at the nick would be jenxter ... im sure that
it's impossible to have a relation ship thru the net...

- ive hakked her account to see what was going wrong
(hotmail) she had another one in her life that sheloved and
did not tell the thuth, so then , i feel much happier to
have flushed her myself..... i have the logs of 6 emails
anyway my email is at [email protected] my webpages is
at and

- Any nice person wishes to explore things or two go
there ,

- Thanx for the responces.....
Feeling better, grouping my thoughts for the duke nukem
movie as insights...

---------- chearz! ----- jenxter ----