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2002-08-13 15:16:57 (UTC)

Just Before I Leave My Realm

I figure I should write just one more entry before I go on
my trip to London. I'm still writing away, even after I
just crossed my fifth disk filled with poetry. Layouts are
done, and now I'm going through the fun task of searching
for backgrounds for each and everyone of my poems. After
this, it's a cover artist search.
It looks like September is when I start doing open mics
again. I may do some earlier to get practice performing in
front of people again. I'm still deciding on what poems to
read but so far the list looks like "Cosmic Joyride", "The
End Of Everything", "Marble Clay", "I Am", "What's
Up", "Human", "Leap Of Faith", "Tilt A Whirl" and if I
can "To Whom It May Concern", which looks like the final
poem in this collection. I'll know for sure if it is when
I get back from my trip.
I may have another writing gig. I found a really cool
website that I have put on my links page in the site. They
need people to write about music, and since it sounds like
a lot of fun, I may just do a few articles here and there.
We'll see how it goes.
Beyond that, I'll update you next week.
Take care of yourself.
The Mad Scientist