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2002-08-13 09:34:43 (UTC)

uni ramblings

i try to manage my time properly. i try to finish all that
i need to finish before i decide to go out and play. if
people can't accept that then i'm sorry.

somehow, i feel lost in uni. really lost. it's like, i
don't know anything and i can't open my mouth and say
something productive...nor can i contribute to the

does it matter? after all, we're not going to be assessed
in our participation or in attendance. it's the exam that
matters. the final exam. or the final essay.

and it doesn't help that my media, politics, and society
(PMS) tutor can't speak proper english.

and it also doesn't help that my intro to media and
communications teacher speaks too softly and i can't hear a
word he's saying.

melbourne university. how truly great is this university

one of the most memorable things i've learned so far is the
explanation of ideology.

ideology = sesame street.

sesame street = made up of different characters. we have
one silly big yellow bird, one grouchy homeless
erm..creature, and perhaps two homosexuals living together.

big bird is looked down by people because of his silliness.
grouch is scolded for being so grouchy (can you blame
somebody who lives in a trash bin??), and ernie has to take
so much crap from his lover bert who acts like there's
always something bugging him...or bumming him.

yet in the end, they all come together and sing the same

that's ideology.

beautiful innit?

well...gotta get back to work and reading MXs. ta.