Finding my Light
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2002-08-13 07:32:54 (UTC)

San Diego

Friday I touched heaven for the second time in my life
and I came back with a stronger sense of need and desire.
In a way you could say I've tasted blood and now I want
more. It was very cruel for fait to bring me such a
powerful creature and yet keep it at a far distance.
Friday morning Romiah and I left to see Nick and David
while they were staying in San Diego. The drive went
smoothely and we quickly found the hotel. When we got to
the room the door was open I saw Nick lying on a bed
looking at me. My heart stopped when I saw him and I
wondered for a moment how I got so lucky. Quickly though
he got up to greet us. I couldn't control myself very well
and the first thing I did was kiss him hard and long. That
moment on I knew this day was going to be great.
After a while of talking we all decided to go to the
mall for Romiah (who would live in a mall if she could).
It was pretty nice though we got lost getting there, but it
was cool. I got to see what type of fashion Nick and David
liked, though I already knew instintively what it was, and
they got to see what type of clothes Romiah and I were
interested in. LOL It was completely opposite from them.
We all had fun though. We all even went into a Victoria
Secret outlet for me! LOL Lets just say I gave Nick a
good idea of what I wear under my clother.
After that we all decided to get some food at Arby's
(spelling). Romiah and I never felt so sick and laughed so
hard at the same time in our lives. Nick and David kept
cracken us up. And it wa sso cute seeing David with
Romiah. I secretly wished in my mind that they were a real
couple. They looked too good with each other to not be a
real couple.
Finally when Romaih and I couldn't take anymore
laughing we all went back to the hotel room. Once we got
there I jumped to one of the beds while Romiah laid herself
on the other. Quickly Nick made his way over to me and sat
down as David laid down next to Romiah. Right then I knew
what he wanted and I think he might had known what I
wanted. He then laid down next to me and I pressed my body
up against his. I loved the feeling of him lying next to
me. We soon began kissing each other and that is when my
journey to heaven began.
At first it started off slow and easy. We just kissed
each other until I began to get cold. I then got under the
blankets and to my amazement he followed. My heart began
to race as he gently pulled me closer to him. I knew what
was going to happen and I relished in the thought. The way
he touched me made my muscles tense and my breathing
rapid. I loved having him on top of me and some time
during that moment my mind snapped. For the first time in
my life I wanted to truely please a guy. I wanted him just
has happy, if not more, as me. I then began to take
control of the situation. I wanted him happy and I was
willing to do almost anything for him to be happy. That
day I found out just how much control I could have over him
and I would be lying if I said I didn't like. I loved
kowing that I could make him feel so good and then I knew
that this was a guy I loved.
The day was magic not just for me, but also for
Romiah. Romiah found a man that she could fall in love
with and please and this gave her hope that not every guy
out there was out to screw her. For me, I found my soul
mate. I found a guy that I could please, pleasure, and
someday give myself to without any doubt if or not I could
love him. As far as I'm concern now this is the man I want
to live with, have children with, and spend the rest of my
life with. As far as I know he believes the same with me.
I hope so too because I know I can make him the happiest
man who ever lived.