My BFL story
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2001-07-11 20:44:56 (UTC)

Day 32

Hmm, I wish I had found this diary at the beginning of my
BFL Journey but since there is no looking back, I will move
This week has been really tough. I'm in Week Five and at
Day 32 and up until this point, it's been pretty smooth
sailing. I haven't missed a workout or a meal this week,
but for the first time, today I will be doing my cardio in
the p.m.
I swore to myself that no matter WHAT, I will not miss
doing a cardio in the a.m. But a slight case of insomnia
is back and I was up until after midnight.
It's sad because I have my goals taped on my mirror, and
one is to do every workout in the a.m., but I still
couldn't get my act together.
Sunday I was sabatouged, or I did it to myself. We had so
much going on that I was unable to make my meals for the
week. That really messed me up. Fortunately, my cupboards
and fridge are stocked with BFL items, so I haven't had a
slip up.
Yesterday was my birthday and I resisted the urge for cake
or lunch out with friends. I am celebrating on Saturday
with a group of people. I got diamond earrings from my boyfriend
Kier, now THAT is motivation to succeed!
Next week I am meeting with an artist dev group, and have a
pending meeting with William Morris, I need to resist the
urge to binge to look thin and keep sticking with the BFL
lifestyle which has been very good to me.
Well, I'll be going. Hopefully I will be in a much better
frame of mind tomorrow...

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