2001-07-11 20:31:36 (UTC)


Hey everyone! SO maybe today hasnt been that bad I mean it
could be worse but lets get on bout my! I dont
even know where to start!
~we can start here--wit the dad n dad were
unmarried when they had me. THey had a few probs and split
temporarily when i was little. Dad got AIDS n then
carsonoma(i think) cancer. later on we find out hes
gay...ohhhhh fun! then im almost five n dad dies. what a
wonderful childhood.
~we have a nice house and we live there for a while.
unfortuneatly its grandmas house(gma lives in AZ) and her
mom(great gma) dies so she wants to come back to
CA...leaving us w/out a house. we get a house...tthe
UGLIEST peice of shit ever! digusting brown sicko carpet
cheapo linolium floors off white walls cheapo everything!
its just horrible. outside is weeds weeds weeds.....yuck!
no landscaping what so ever! its just horrible!
~we live there for a while and everyones happy and its all
going great. mommie gets pregnant...yet again unmarried.
that all goes well. she goes back to work after the leave
and gets fired shortly after. kid #2s daddy gets caught
cheating on her and she freaks. she gets mad theres fights
every single night throwing stuff NOTHING is going well!
then makes friends with a bunch of no good people. she
gets involved in drugs (i dont find that bit out till
later) then she goes to another temporary job and gets
caught stealing something...not sure what...and goes to
jail. she gets a special thing to where she gets to work
and then go back to a certain home. she has a nervous
breakdown and runs away one night. leaving her stuck in
jail for the rest of the time. she gets out and everything
is supposed to be ok. her boss held her job place for her
and shes supposed to go back to work. or not. the companys
business isnt going well so she gets fired. leaving us in a
very lw very shitty position. she gets back into drugs and
doesnt even bother trying to get a job. now here we are.
poor as dirt and on welfare.what a oh and through all the
fighting i found out how mommie has been getting abortions
and so on. now they arent fighting as much....just
occasionally sleeping together. now we can barely pay all
the bills and phones cable internet all that stuff is
occasionally getting shut off. oh n not to mention mom took
a lease out on her car and they said she never paid so now
she doesnt have one. now shes constantly mad. and
everything just sucks. it all sucks.

this is my life