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2002-08-13 06:21:21 (UTC)

Mood: Spunky MonKey Lovin =P


Ryan: the guy jess introduced me 2 online remember lol well
he just imed me and we seemed to really hit it off it was
wonderful we both were very interested in each other & we
had a great convo:

X6xHoTBoYx9X: hey
Sk8erChick2004: hey
Sk8erChick2004: who is this?
X6xHoTBoYx9X: Ryan
X6xHoTBoYx9X: u know Jes's friend?
Sk8erChick2004: oh okay whats up?
X6xHoTBoYx9X: chillin
X6xHoTBoYx9X: u
Sk8erChick2004: same...
X6xHoTBoYx9X: so u looking for a b.f.?
Sk8erChick2004: yea sorta, what did jess tell you
X6xHoTBoYx9X: that u wanted to talk to me why
X6xHoTBoYx9X: ?
Sk8erChick2004: h/o real quick
Sk8erChick2004: ok im back
X6xHoTBoYx9X: ight
X6xHoTBoYx9X: soo
X6xHoTBoYx9X: do u have a pic?
Sk8erChick2004: yea
Sk8erChick2004: but my scanner program needs to be re-
Sk8erChick2004: i can do that in the morning
X6xHoTBoYx9X: ight
Sk8erChick2004: do u gatta pic?
X6xHoTBoYx9X: naa
Sk8erChick2004: so why you online so late?
X6xHoTBoYx9X: b.c.

X6xHoTBoYx9X: wanted to tlk to you
Sk8erChick2004: aww i feel special
Sk8erChick2004: LoL
Sk8erChick2004: do you go to the drive in's ?
X6xHoTBoYx9X: yea why?
Sk8erChick2004: i was j/w
Sk8erChick2004: i might go friday but no promises yet
X6xHoTBoYx9X: yea
Sk8erChick2004: im goin to Gadzooks saturday in the
Chambursburg Mall (hint hint)
X6xHoTBoYx9X: koo
Sk8erChick2004: goin school shoppin yippee! LoL
Sk8erChick2004: so do u go to bshs?
X6xHoTBoYx9X: ms
Sk8erChick2004: oh okay
Sk8erChick2004: close enough
X6xHoTBoYx9X: lol
X6xHoTBoYx9X: yea
Sk8erChick2004: 8th?
X6xHoTBoYx9X: yulp
X6xHoTBoYx9X: should b 9th
Sk8erChick2004: yea i should be in 11th but i look like im
15 or summin not my real age so its all good
Sk8erChick2004: so what do u look like?
X6xHoTBoYx9X: ititiiw
Sk8erChick2004: lol
Sk8erChick2004: want me to tell u what i look like?
X6xHoTBoYx9X: brown hair bleached ontop 5'9 115lbs.brown
Sk8erChick2004: mmm.... u sound cute :)
X6xHoTBoYx9X: yea rigghhhtt
X6xHoTBoYx9X: what bout you
X6xHoTBoYx9X: bs?
Sk8erChick2004: lol ima dirty blonde with blue eyes about
5'5'' 98lbs, what else is there to tell
X6xHoTBoYx9X: ur skinny
Sk8erChick2004: wanna know more just ask
Sk8erChick2004: yea i know
X6xHoTBoYx9X: but u sound hottt ass heelll
Sk8erChick2004: im short too though im only 5'5''
X6xHoTBoYx9X: bra size
Sk8erChick2004: :-P i like being short
X6xHoTBoYx9X: bra size
Sk8erChick2004: lol classified
Sk8erChick2004: i guess if i meet you, you will find out
X6xHoTBoYx9X: so u think me & u will hook up
X6xHoTBoYx9X: yea
Sk8erChick2004: its possible
Sk8erChick2004: so what else did jess tell u about me?
X6xHoTBoYx9X: that u want a b.f. and u would like me
Sk8erChick2004: thats it?
X6xHoTBoYx9X: prob told me other stuff.but i 4 get'
Sk8erChick2004: LoL same thing here
Sk8erChick2004: she told me about u i think but i 4get
Sk8erChick2004: i told her i needa man & she sent me your
X6xHoTBoYx9X: u like to do stuff wit boyz?
X6xHoTBoYx9X: did she give u my nummba?
Sk8erChick2004: yea but i 4 get
Sk8erChick2004: stuff with boyz?
Sk8erChick2004: i do sum stuff with boyz
X6xHoTBoYx9X: yea like touchy touchy feely
Sk8erChick2004: LoLz
X6xHoTBoYx9X: like wha?
Sk8erChick2004: like i guess u will find out wont u
Sk8erChick2004: hehehe
X6xHoTBoYx9X: o i will?
X6xHoTBoYx9X: Marital Status: gOt SuM1 iN MiNd!!!!
X6xHoTBoYx9X: ??
X6xHoTBoYx9X: who that
Sk8erChick2004: nobody anymore
Sk8erChick2004: want me to say its you
Sk8erChick2004: lol
X6xHoTBoYx9X: go ahead
X6xHoTBoYx9X: lol
X6xHoTBoYx9X: u mean put me in ur profyle?
Sk8erChick2004: my real s/n is kandii1000 check that
Sk8erChick2004: sure u want me 2?
X6xHoTBoYx9X: yulp
Sk8erChick2004: hehehe what do u want me to write?
X6xHoTBoYx9X: ne thing
Sk8erChick2004: ok i did
Sk8erChick2004: tehehe
X6xHoTBoYx9X: cute
X6xHoTBoYx9X: i g2g wanna hook up in the morning?
Sk8erChick2004: yea sure i g2g too
Sk8erChick2004: goodnight sweet dreams
X6xHoTBoYx9X: yea they will be sweet dream, ill be
dreaming of you :)
Sk8erChick2004: awww, ttyt byess
X6xHoTBoYx9X: byes c-ya hunni
Sk8erChick2004: bye hunny lol luv yas
X6xHoTBoYx9X: sweet love sent your way
Sk8erChick2004: *feels loved* goodnight
X6xHoTBoYx9X: goodnight hunni

Mood: Spunky MonKey Lovin =P
Earlier Mood: Sexy kitten on Satin Sheetz =^o.o^= MeOw......

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