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2002-08-13 06:06:20 (UTC)

Life is like a box of condoms

no matter which one you choose you will always get
this is so damn true and not in such a good way LoL

im so damn tired of looking 4 a man *or should i say trying
to get one*
guys say im sexy & shit but im a friend thats it or they
have a g/f damn it why ME!!!!

Josh~ we talked today but god damn it he still likes suey!

Jessica (friend)~ thinks i should hook up with a guy named
ryan who she claims is such a hottie!

Melissa (my sister)~ called Tristen 4 me & told him i wanna
hook up with him this weekend *downfall- i told smitty
(josh) id hook up with him as like a group date with (get
this zack LoL) i sorta planned on making him jealous!

Guy from the drive in~ hope he dont see me or this *quad*
date may get ugly!

Mood: Pissed !!!!! :P

Mood Earlier: like a sexy kitten workin it good *-*
tehehehe =^o.O^= MeOw.......

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