Lifes confusing
2001-07-11 19:50:54 (UTC)

About me

Hi.My name is Stephanie. I am from the middle of now-where
Ohio.I'm 14, almost 15.I like to swim, hang with my friends
and TP. My favorite subject in school is math. I have a
little sister named Suzanne, and a dog named Shantel.My
first boyfriend was when I was in the 7th grade, dont
laugh. He was a real jerk and i really regret it.My second
one was also in 7th grade, toward the end of the year, but
we are still friends. My third was a guy that one of my
friends had set me up with. And the next two, i met in chat
rooms. The one that I'm with now, I met a year and a half
ago, and we have been friends ever since. We have been
going out for a week or so. I have a lot of really close
Becca.I have known Megumi ever since 4th grade and she is
one of the greatest friends ever. Sarah, what is there to
say about Sarah hehe shes psycho, just like me, I've known
here for 3 years Out of those three years, we have a lot of
inside jokes that i might be using throughout this diary.
She is my bestest friend in the middle of now where Ohio.
Ben is when of my ex's, the second one hehe. Ben is always
there for me. No matter what I have to talk about, he
always listens. Jason is my current boyfriend hehe,