last in line

shattered memories
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2002-08-13 03:10:20 (UTC)

follow no one

sometimes i wonder if i follow people or if people follow
i think about why anyone would follow anyone else..
then i think about envy
why people would follow people is envy..
they want to be them for they think they have a better life
than them..
i think hard about these thoughts and realize how no one
should ever want to be someone else.. no matter how bad
there situation may be ...
i think about how everyone has adapted there life to how
they do it and i think about how no one would ever like
being anyone else.
if you were anyone else the interactions between people
and the way they react is totally different than the way
anyone else reacts to them.
no one should ever want to be anyone else no matter how bad
there situation is.
..follow no one..

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