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2001-07-11 19:03:41 (UTC)

July 11, 2001

It's the summer after my first year in college at UC Davis.
I'm back home in San Diego and summer is definitely not what
I expected. The school year was good and I did well when it
came to grades, at least for my first year. I didn't get to
meet as many people as I had hoped for, but I promise that
will change next quarter. It's almost been 8 months since my
last relationship. That was a horrible thing to have gone
through for an entire year. I've learned a lot from it
though and I think that I'm a stronger person now, at least
I know I'm a different person. I haven't talked with Tristan
for a really long time and that's a really good thing. I'm
not dating Mike anymore and that's okay. We've decided that
we're just going to remain friends, at least I hope that
things get back to normal. I had a chat with him last night
and I got to get a lot of things off of my chest. I still
think that we stopped dating for stupid reasons and that he
gave up on me, but hey what can you do. That's just the way
things turned out. I feel a lot better just because I told
him how I felt.... I don't care how dumb I must have sounded
at this point, whatever. Around four is great! They are my
second family, although it seems that I see them more than I
see my actual family. Hieu and Hao are great and they let me
try something yesterday that I've never done before....
hehe, thanks guys. Berm is the new reigning Ms. Philippines.
I'm really happy for her, she totally deserved it. She is
dating Edmond (a guy that graduated from Mt. Carmel), he's
really cool and I think he's good for her... so I hope that
things work out for them. Dae and Duby are really good too.
They are getting through the "we see eachother every day"
stage in their relationship. They'll get through it, they
really love eachother.... I have to admith though, it's kind
of depressing from the single point of view. Ray is the only
other single one in the group, so we hang out a lot
together. Some people who don't know us too well think that
we are dating.... but, that would be gross, he's practically
my brother, I mean even my mom says that he is. He went out
on a date with Melanie, contestant #5, a few nights ago. I
think that they really hit off... so at least he has some
one to date this summer. Mikim is good too. She tried to
date Neil, but I think he is being a total weenie now. I
mean she has invited him to hang out with her so many times
and she's been shot down by him so many times... what's that
all about?! Mikim and I are in the same boat at the
moment... we're cute, so why does no one want to date us?!
If I don't date anyone the rest of the summer, then it will
just be so blah! I met some new guys though, so that's cool.
Jeff is this guy who graduated from Mt. Carmel too. He's
really nice. I met Evan again, after how many years. He's
just really neat! The most exciting thing though, is that
Will thinks that I'm hot too... woohoo! If I don't get to
make out with someone soon, I'm just going to go crazy! I
mean is that too much to ask for?! I don't think it is.
Final Fantasy comes out today... so Ray and I are going to
watch it tonight. I don't know who else but, it should be
fun all the same.