My Life Is A Damn Worm-Hole
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2001-07-11 18:58:46 (UTC)

Finally a break Woo Hoo

Well here I am again but maybe a biz sozzled just like my
Bro Jay who is at this moment dancing YES dancing around
our living room Did you get that Amanda Jay is pissed and
dancing round And to believe it or not the Barenaked
Ladies. Oh for those of you who aren't my friends across
the water and of course my make out buddy LMAO Jay is my
shit crazy brother. Anyway my great break. Its amazing
what a good nights sleep can do for you as now I have
around 6 job interviews WOO HOO

OK im going due to too much Southern Comfort and a brother
who continues to annoy me Amanda im gonna kick him Squar in
the nuts LOL

P.S Eat, drink, and be fucking merry