Lizzie's Life in a Nutshell
2001-07-11 18:51:59 (UTC)

Dirty psycho roomie...

Ok...so my here's another little write up on my
wonderful roomie.

She is such a PIG! Ew gross! Ok, so im not the cleanest
person in the world...but i keep things tidy. The thing
that bothers me is that she doesnt take the garbage out. I
dont know if the fact that i took the time to go look for a
garbage can, and buy garbage bags makes me the offical
garbage girl...but i dont think that should be right. I
have taken our garbage out 5 times since we've been
here...not once has she taken it out. It piles and piles up
to her bed and yet she doesnt take it out. So once again
here i sit look at that horrible mess of trash. Looks like
im taking another trip down to the dumpster. I mean, hey
why not, its my duty at home...so why not it be here. She
could be a little courteous and say "hey i'll take the
garbage out" but noooooooooo. Hehe. So here i go kids, im
off to the dumpsters...my favorite place.