Mandy Kay

Tales of Life as a Good Girl
2001-07-11 18:28:16 (UTC)


Current music: Hard Day's Night by the Beatles
Current mood: in a word, SCORE!!!

I got up at about 11 this morning..stupid lil bro
dragged me outta bed! (I can't believe him, he called to
ask me something earlier, and I said no..and that little
brat hung up on me!! His ass is in trouble with me now!!)
So I get up and wash my face, then weigh myself, as is
the morning ritual. I LOST 6 POUNDS!!!! ah hahaha!!!! I'm
so happy, you don't even know. This whole diet/exercise
thing is really paying off, I'll swear to anyone. (I
didn't have to go on the Atkins Diet or I
guess my weird-diet uncle doesn't get the last laugh after
all.) I reeeeallllyy hope I can keep all this up, b/c I'm
running out of time to lose 10-15 lbs. before school starts
(my original plan). There's about 4 weeks left, I think.
It's almost 1:30 and there's nothing good on TV, so I'll
probably work out from 2-3, or somewhere around there for a
At 3, I've gotta get some food, and then I think I'm
gonna watch X-Men. Whooo! I looove that movie. Me and
Casey have an appointment to watch Billy Madison later this
week, we have a bet going on what he says about
shampoo/conditioner. I will win!!
Well, nothing else interesting is going on around here
for right now, so I'll probably update tonight, or early
tomorrow. w/e. Goodbye all, ~mandy