2002-08-13 01:43:52 (UTC)

Quilting Monday

The forecast is for very hot weather today--well into the
high 90's with the possiblity of 100 or more tomorrow. I've
planned by making certain we have quick, easy no-cook foods
to eat (sandwich fixings, chips, salads) and plan to spend
my day working on quilts.

I know some people may think it's odd to be working on
quilts when it's so hot but it doesn't make much sense to
work on them when it's cold; that's when you need them. I
have plenty of quilts in the closet (although they keep
going out the door with boys who are leaving for college)
but we can always use more. I've noticed John hasn't made
any more comments about how many quilts does one family need
since last February's wind storm which knocked out the
electrcity and left us with virtually no heat for three
days. Five quilts piled on the bed were nice to have!
I didn't have to go to Detering's Farms to get blackberries
after all as Hentze's had them. I also bought 20 ears of
corn (which Mrs. Hentze picked out for me; she told me
they'd been picked less than a hour before), cucumbers and
green beans. I won't be making blackberry pies until it
cools down a bit; hopefully it'll be in the 80's by
Wednesday or Thursday.
John is working upstairs in the control room this week.
He's lucky as it is one of the few parts of the mill which
is air conditioned. He calls it Satan's little office as it
is hot everywhere, all around him. He called me from work
today to tell me he was suffering from frostbite! Poor
baby!After his last graveyard shift (which is Thursday night
he'll be on vacation until August 22nd.

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