My piece of reality
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2002-08-13 01:22:24 (UTC)

First day back

So school started today. I'm finally at the top of the food
chain. big bad senior lol. we'll i'm actually neither big,
nor bad, but thats ok.
my classes are nothing special, some of my friends are in
each one except for the last block class which is a
sophomore class but i need it to graduate. oh well.
i was actually confident going in this time. i met up with
some friends and walked around this morning, then went to
my first hour and dave was there there. :). we talked thru
the whole class which was nice. hes so fun to talk to and
he really knows how to make someone feel pretty. i'm a T.A
that hour tho so i wont see him anymore except for lunch.
lane and i are fine again i guess. she gave me a hug and i
appologized to her even tho theres really nothing to
appologize for, but i dont want to lose her friendship so
whatever happens lol.
gabes grandmas funeral was today. it was a nice service.
gabe read a scripture and cried the entire way thru which
made me cry as well. i hate to see her in pain. we all went
back to her house afterwards for food and stuff. it was a
nice way to kick off the school year, minus the grim
circumstances. but i guess the year is going to be alright
after all. we'll see how it goes.

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