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2002-08-13 01:14:46 (UTC)

A Coupla Days

Hmm...haven't really written in here for a bit. At least
it feels like it's been awhile. School is over, A in math,
B in myth, so I'm pretty pleased. Hmmm....just been job
hunting. *sigh* I'm so frustrated that I'm seriously
considering substitute teaching. Would they hire someone
who only has a high school degree? I mean, I'm working on
my bachelors, but I haven't finished yet.

On another topic, I get along much better with my best
friend's mom than she does, and her mom gets along with me
much better than my friend. So I'm the go-between, and
things get filtered through me first. Is this a bad thing?
It's worked so far....I dunno. *shrug*

I'm getting addicted to The Sims. Have to ween myself off.
Was reading Robert Fulgham and he was talking about having
always wanted to conduct Beethoven's 9th Symphony, so it
made me want to hear it and I downloaded it and so that's
what I'm doing as I'm typing. Well, actually it's Ode To
Joy right now 'cause it's still downloading the whole

The louder the better. I want a CD with this on it so I
can blast it and conduct it myself in the living room.
That would be an interesting site, me, who can't read
music conducting Beethoven's 9th....though he couldn't do
it the first time he conducted it either *grinning*. Maybe
there's hope for me yet.


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