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2002-08-13 01:13:03 (UTC)


Well tennis camp went pretty good today. It's tiring though
and the courts are inside but not air conditioned so it was
hoottt!! Then after that I played catch with my sister till
she had to leave. Then went to my cousins house to go
swimmin and got to walk the baby around the neighborhood
for awhile. I guess you could say my summer has been pretty
good. My friends and I have made a lot of new memories for
sure. Jackie's house, softball, late walks to I'll Be
Dipped, Cassie's pool and many more. Then I finally got to
see Greg this summer which was mad nice. He's awesome. We
went for a walk then to this house he was sittin for then
to Cassie's. He went to Jen's all star game with Jackie and
I to. There's still some time left to make this summer even
better. Well thats it for today. ttyl

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