2002-08-13 00:40:59 (UTC)

I'm not in the mood for anything,

So I'm just gonna hang in my house, eating, until I get so
bored I will want to do something. I don't wanna think too
much. If I do I get depressed. I haven't even gone job
hunting today, and I was suppose to. Oh well. Pherhaps

I try to think of happy thoughts. Most of the events in my
life I can't remember so I think of current things, or make
up some future career where I'm in power. Hahaha. (Evil
smile.) Unfortunately I'm trying to get away from day
dreaming, since it's become an addiction, and my recent
events are not good at all. Except that one where I talked
to Teresa. Good thing everything is alright with her now.
Plus she got a cell phone so I think we will talk a little
more often. (Which reminds me, I gotta stock up on phone

Last time I talked to Teresa, I was left with a thought.
Maybe I should give him one last chance. Besides, he was
pretty damn great. Ofcourse I have my theories about him,
such as, he's taken, or he found something wrong with me.
But I'm gonna give him one last phone call. He's got a
chance for one more X. After that I'm just gonna toss out
the number. First I'm gonna console my friends though. I
tried to console Arthur, but he just kept running away from
me in a idiotic and foolish manner trying to avoid the
question. Although when he needs fashion tips, earn a quick
buck, or someone to spike his harir for him, I'm always
around. I gotta bring that up to him. Maybe then he will
listen to me.

Anyway that's it for now. In summary, I'm home until I get
bored. That's prabobly until tomorrow. Since there's free
pool nearby 8-10. Hopefully tomorrow I'm gonna fill out
some applications, and I'm gonna ask my bro, about the male
advice now. Again. Catch ya next time.