Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2002-08-13 00:34:12 (UTC)


I tried to sleep around 10.30pm, succeeded for a while but
was awakened by an overpowering desire to eat melted
cheese. I couldn't stop myself. I might as well update
whats been happening in my life even if not much has
happened. Might as well start with last Thursday
considering thats been the most eventful thing thats
happened recently.

I had a very good plan all set up for Thursday. Meet Ian
at his house at 1.30pm, get to Christine's house by 1.45pm
and meet Ruth at the Piazza by 2.10pm. It was going well
until we got to Christine's house where Christine wasn't
ready, Christine's dad treated us to a crap story about
aeroplane safety or something and then we walked instead
of getting a bus so we were so much later than we should
have been. It was Christine's fault, she said she wasn't
going to interfere with the plan but as soon as she was a
part of it she took over. Ian didn't help any either. He
couldn't have been anymore up for Christine's suggestions.
Git, I don't need my empath powers to see what he's
feeling. I enjoy walking more than getting a bus but I
don't like it when someone says they don't want involved
in the planning then take it over. Even if it was a
trivial thing. I'm bitchy and everyone knows it.

Well we eventually met with Ruth who was wearing an
unexpected denim ensemble. Not at all like her. It was
quite a good disguise. Ian and Christine were too busy
babbling to even notice her approaching. Not that they
would have been sure it was her if they weren't engrossed
in each other, she was behind a couple of people when she
got to us and they're not the most observant of people
when it comes to others.

Well after we got some supplies from Safeway we headed for
Barshaw Park, stage 2 of the plan. The group splitting off
was clear from the very start. Ian & Christine and Ruth &
myself. When its just the four of us it is often like
that. Not that I pair off intentionally, although I have
my suspicions about a certain member of the group (who
shall remain nameless). Anyway, when there is no
oppertunity for pairing off, I often find myself talking
to Ruth the most and more often than not she talks back to
me the most as well (I asked her to make sure). There
could be all sorts of reasons so I won't speculate until I
ask people.

We got to Barshaw Park and it was full of children, *Hiss
Hiss*. I wanted to use Drusilla lines at them but Ruth
told me not to and I always do what I'm told. Instead of
sitting at one of the benches that were strewn all over
the place we sat at the big red thing where the drunks
hang out at night. There was glass on the ground. Ruth
wondered if it was sharp because to her it didn't look
sharp so I asked for the glass, took it and made a small
cut in my left hand. It wasn't very deep but it bled more
than I thought it would. Not that it mattered, I've been
cut a lot deeper than that before. coincidently, the two
worst cuts I've had have also been on my left side, I guess
fate just doesn't like that side. Or me for that matter.
The children were very concerned I guess. Ian kept wanting
to see it and Christine wanted me to clean it up. She said
something about being the daughter of a doctor so she had
an instinct to clean up blood. Whatever...

We went to the pet corner and looked at the animals. Ian
and Christine wandered off by themselves. Ruth and I
guessed they were making out but they came back too soon.
Oh well, maybe Ian wasn't capable hahaha. We took pictures
of us in the pet corner but there were other photos from a
previous time so they had to all be deleted. Shame cause some
would have turned out very well IMO. We went to play Crazy
Golf (Crazy Putting more like) afterwards and despite a
miserable beginning, I ended up joint first with Christine
although the scoring wasn't very strict. After that we
went back to the swings where there were few children (it
was about 5pm by now) so we could have a go on them.
Pictures were taken, fun was had by all and I actually got
a decent picture of Ian for a change. And contrary to
what I keep saying, I don't mean one I can jack off to. My
imagination is far better at such things.

we went back to Christine's for a couple hours where we had
pizza and say the end of Series 2 Buffy. Good old Spike
before the chip in the head. When we were done at Christine's
we headed to mine. To make things easier Christine was to drive
us there, go back and walk up. Ian volunteered to walk up
with her. How truely noble. Ruth stayed at my house. When
Christine and Ian got to mine the drinking began, we had fun
everyone went back to their own houses at strange times.
Good to see they have some recklessness in them afterall, even
if Ian did go with Christine to make sure she survived.

Sod all has happened directly with me since Thursday.
Christine said she was meeting up with Schitzophrenic Sarah
today (Monday) and someone who was a resident at Wallace Court
where my father works died so he was cut up about that. I'm
getting pretty much all my hair cut off soon. As soon as I can
get a pair of clippers since I'm not paying through the nose
just to have my hair cut off in a barbers. I'm sure my Aunt
has a pair, mother can get them off her, she lives down the
road from her.