a poetic Heartº
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2002-08-13 00:30:46 (UTC)

Starting to pour

Can you see them
are they startin to show
redness on my face
my eyes a glow

cant act like there not there
cause they already see
all the hurt and all the pain
thats aching inside of me

i hold my head low
and try hiding my tears
hoping theywont notice
and pretend that they care

they dont know my heart
although i show it all the time
they dont know my past
nor whats in my mind

its hard for me to breathe
the pain hurts deep inside
theres no one that understands
no one to confide

weak and vonerable
not knowing what to do
wanting to get away
wanting to run to you

your the only one that knows me
knows who i was before
so im running to your arms
cause my tears are staring to pour