My Heart and Soul....
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2002-08-12 23:07:31 (UTC)

Good-bye summer?

[Dear Diary:] Well....since summer seems to winding
down, I guess that means it's really time to face the real
world. So, since the "real world" includes me going to
college, I think I should keep this journal. That way,
everyone can keep up with whats going on with me! (My
friends know that can be difficult enough when you see or
talk to me everyday.) So here it is...my attempt to keep my
promise to all my small town friends, and stay in touch.

School starts Sept 3. I'm ready, but I'm not. Summer started
out SO great...but it's gone down hill since Ams left...and
now it consists of working everyday, and sleeping...I can
steal a girls night out once a week..but funds are tight, so
we don't do a whole lot. I'm so torn about this senior year
thing. I think: Senior year is what I've worked for for 12
years. All the shit at SS was supposed to lead up to this
BIG bang of a senior year...friends, memories, good times.
And I don't want to pass up that once in a lifetime event.
But then I realize...its about lifelong friends, and making
the most of your last year with everyone you've grown up
with. And then, I cry. Because I realize, that Ams is 1,300
miles away in FL, Gabs is going to college, Kris is 150
miles into the Mountains up North, Sara and Danni are
interning, and Stace and Eryn are gone to their Nursing
thing. So...I'm gonna miss my girl Char, who is the only one
at SS......it's tough, knowing that I have to let go and
grow up, and face the first year of my life without my mom
and my girls covering my back. But I think, and I HOPE that
I am ready to do that....

Gabs and I are looking into an apartment close to campus,
I'm working part-time in Ithaca for $6/hr...so...things seem
to be working out for now...Let's hope eveything stays smooth.

so everyone PLEASE stay in touch... i love ya!