Miss.Chrissys Daily Diary
2001-01-12 17:33:18 (UTC)

Well, I m sorry I didn t get to..

Well, I'm sorry I didn't get to write last night, there was
alot going on. my meeting with Rich was a total failure, he
got here & we made plans & everything, then I started
thinking about it & told him that I couldn't go b/c I
wasn't ready for it. As much as I had really fooled myself
into thinking that I was ready, I just couldn't do it. I
wasn't up to it physicaly & mentally. Although I feel
horrible for hurting him as much as I did, there's really
nothing that I can do! Oh well. Anyway, I WILL be writing
this weekend after all b/c I'm going to my neices house &
she has a computer :o) I met a guy yesterday who is 6ft
10in & 320lbs of PURE MUSCLE! Gave me a neck cramp from
just lookin! LMAO! j/k anbyway I gotta hit the road!
~ ~
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