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2002-08-12 21:05:21 (UTC)

not good enough

does stupid crap just seem to always happen to me...
so i am sitting here on my computer sending this out
into no where hoping that noone will read it hoping that
noone will care. But at the same time i am am hopping
the opposite... that someone will read it that someone
will care. well his name is trevor, he's great and at the
same time not...it seems like any girl who meets him
falls head over heals for him. but its different with me
yes it did start out the same but not anymore we go and
sit and talk for hours literaly!!! we dont need anything to
talk about we always find something, when we dont
knwo what to do we end up talk gin i have talked to him
about things i dont talk to anyone about! its just stupid
the way he disregards me when theres others around...
or the way he hints all the time that i am to young for
him while i am 1 month away from the age limit... does
it really matter that much... and also hes leaving for
school so soon i think it might just kill me i have seen
him everyday for the past 2 months i know way to much
about him and he knows way to much about me... we
go and sit read and talk on the beach go on hikes and
yet he still dosent see me the way i wish he did am i
just stupid or am i right when i think i am not good
enough??? well i guess im not...

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