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2001-07-11 16:07:11 (UTC)

Straight? or Bisexual..............?

HOw does one know if he or she is bisexual. I
recently broke up with a boyfriend who was bisexual. I was
very uncomfortable about it. I wanted to be open minded but
after our long relationshiop together, i decided i coudln't
handle it. Then after we broke up, i began to wonder if the
reason i was uncomfortable about it, was because perhaps i
was bisexual once in my life. Even that, i'm not sure
about. God, i hate being a teenager. Everything is so
fucking confusing.
That is just a thought however.........
Another urgent question of mine, is there
truly love? does it exist? is it all some conspiracy
against teenagers? What the hell........

Oh well, PLease respond!