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2001-07-11 15:00:45 (UTC)

Whatever happened...

didn't mean a thing.... sorry, that line's been slipping
through my lips WAY too often lately. I can deal with the
personal guilt over chaeating on your significant other
(which we'll get into later), but it's the getting too
fucked up to remember it that bothers me. If I'm gonna take
chances by hedging bets against getting caught cheating, at
least I'd like to ENJOY the cheating!

A little background-- met her in college, been together
last 5 years. She's in grad school 220 miles away, I work
for Batman protecting the City from lawsuits. (Long drawn
out story-- not worth more exp.)

I tell her, myself, and anyone else that listens that I
lover her-- which I truthfully do, but there's GOTTA be
something out of kilter here. The first 4 years were easy,
but in the last 12-15 months, there have been 4 different
people that have been "sampled" for an innumerable number
of expeditions (but, to this point, no sex-- just the
foreplay). This is the reason for this diary being
established-- not for the (probably)-anticipated sexual
bragadoccio, but for input and ideas from outside
readers... and somewhat for the hope that she'll read this
online and leave me.. then I won't have to hate myself in
the mornings.

In the interest of privacy, our characters remain as
anonymous as possible.. thus Wu-Names must suffice...
Me- Chiorboy
The Girlfriend-- Protestah
My Boys: Donkey Kong, Assassin, Nudist, Half-Cut,
Terrahawk, Buchan (and others as they become necessary for
The Issue Women-- (these are the ones that make fidelity a
farce) B-Launch, Starfish, Melba, Hometown

Supposed to be having dinner with Starfish this week-- she
just moved into her own place (with no roommates) and asked
for help in "hooking up her entertainment system."-----
Point of Order--- It consists of a TV/VCR/DVD.. a total of
4 cords. Been drinking with her frequently as of late, and
things have gotten out of hand once.

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