Lizzie's Life in a Nutshell
2001-07-11 14:49:13 (UTC)

Give me the friggen notes!!!

Yesterday all i wanted were the notes from class on
Monday. I had an episode during class in which i couldnt
breath and got really dizzy, causing me to leave. Anyhoo, I
went to Prem yesterday to get the notes. We were on our way
to his room, we got there and he said "i dont need to give
you the notes, its in the book...read it." im like yea
ok...buti know its in there...but what did we talk about
yesterday so i know what i am reading about. And so i
pushed him into the wall and grabbed his notebook, then
Kenny came and took it from me and ran. I chased him around
the dorm for atleast 10 mins trying to get the stupid book.
Then Kenny starts yelling at me, telling me im worthless
and that im pathetic, im a wimp..yadda yadda. **You can
really tell he misses football** But anyhoo, then he walks
away after yelling at me forever and then sends me to my
room (yes daddy sorry i'll go to my room and be good). But
then i walk out and jaimie and i run to go find prem so she
could steal the book. NOPE...kenny was there and he ran out
and tried to pick me up, but i fell to the ground. Thats
when he grabbed my leg and dragged me across the dorm to my
door. He was laughing becuase i was laughing and yelling at
him cuz the rug was burning my leg and my shorts were
riding up my ass. Finally he let go and i had this big red
mark on the back of my thigh...i had a rug burn. Needless
to say, i didnt get the notes. And i think that caused me
to do a little bit of harm on my exam i had in class today.
It was all fun and games until i got the burn! Uup until 15
mins it was funny...then i got a little sick and just
wanted the damn notes, yo! Hehe. Oh well...it was kinda
funny. Anyhoo...we'll see what happens on my score tomorrow!