i cant be perfect

i dont try to be beautiful
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2002-08-12 18:41:56 (UTC)

I think i am going back to school

well for the past couple of days i have been going to a job
thing and its kinda fun but more educational at the same
time and i have figured out that i am gonna be a special
needs educational teacher which sounds exciting for me
cause i like to help people and it is what i wanna do
becasue i like kids the only down side is my boyfriend
doesnt want me to go back to school cause he is a selfish
bastard and i wanna kick him in the face
i would love to go to school and learn more if i could i
would take every course out there
but anyhoo back to reality and to my life i think i am
gonna go back to school and have a blast and tell my
boyfriend to kiss my ass if he doesnt like it