The Daily Babble
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2002-08-12 17:31:21 (UTC)

Girl's Night Out

Well Jeff left on Friday so I was kind of bummed...we
talked 3 times that morning and I was pretty strong until
it was time to say bye and then I started crying! But
I'll be ok. =-)

Work was totally uneventful and I couldn't wait for the
day to end. Me and Cathlin and Mere had decided that we'd
go to Chichi's for dinner but before that, Cathlin and I
were going to go shopping at the mall [I wanted to check
out The Limited] after work ended [Muhammed asked me
to stay later but I really didn't want to so barbara
did]...I drove to cathlin's and then we drove to the
mall...I ended up getting a $25 gift certificate for
Christine for Victoria's SEcret and I didn't get anything
from the Limited but Cathlin got $124 worth!!!

So after that we drove to DrugFair..I got cards for andrew
and christine and cath bought stuff that she could keep at
her Jeff's house ..then we went to get Meredith and of
course she wasn't ready but then we finally headed
off...and the rest of the night was such an adventure.

On the way to Chichi's some punk guys were staring at us
on Rt 3 so cathlin gave them the finger as we drove by!!!
so then they drove by us and gave us the finger! Then we
get to chichi's and a bunch of guys cut us off for the
spot we wanted and they ended up going to Chichi's too so
we were all nervous about running into them because Mere
and Cathlin had yelled through the windows! Then the
hostess was totally rude to us..she apparently didn't
speak or understand english and kept rolling her eyes at
us! But we had a really sweet waitress and we took like
a 2 1/2 hour dinner! After dinner, me and Mere were in
the ladies room and the girl in the stall next to me
screams "I'm trying to fart, leave me alone!" and I was
like "what the hell?" Aapparently she was yelling to her
other friends but still very weird! So we were going to
go into the bar at Chichi's but Cath didn't think it was
our scene so we decided to go to Applebees..which leads us
to another adventure...

We drive there...can't find parking...these two kids just
walk out in the middle of the street in front of us and
put their hands up signaling us to stop so mere
honks...then we can't find parking at we
drive back around and those kids are there with like seven
other then we had to drive past them but we had
to stop cuz some car was backing up, so the punk kid walks
in front of our car and pretends to bash into the bumper.
Cathlin got so pissed off she opened up the dorr and
started screaming at them! She said they were little
punks and she was going to call the cops and they talked
back to her so she called him a little penis. It was
pretty funny but at the same time, those kids were crazy!
So then we parked all the way on the other side and went
to Chevy's instead..just got some drinks and headed off

Saturday and Sunday was just really busy with cleaning and
rearranging my room as well as shopping. Fun stuff. Life
without Jeff is boring =-)

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