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2002-08-12 16:19:52 (UTC)

Time to go...

I'm leaving this Saterday. I'm gonna miss my friends.
Everyone seems to be leaving this week to go do shit
elsewhere. They kinda, kkkiiiiinnddddaaaaa, got mad that
they wouldn't be here but they didn't really seem to give a
ratsass. Doesn't really bug me because it's happened before
and I'm just used to it. I kinda care because I thought
they'd be all sad, but I guess it just doesn't happen that

Rightyo! Anyway. I'm still thinkin' bout the Papa Roach
video shoot. I think I pissed of Jerry when I did a
teenybopper thing. :S Oops... But Jocoby seemed to like me.
Fuckin' cool as hell the second day. Pretty much that was
the best day of my life. Wouldn't mind doing it all over

Kinda still like Sean, but not as much. I might start
liking him again when I go down to my step brother and
sister-in-law's house to stay the week. I'm really hoping I
can hang out with them. They're "great fun". LMFAO, yea
sorry. Kinda don't want to face Justin. Which reminds me, I
gotta write him an email. Sean told me Justin normaly gets
all the girls while he's the background man. I told him me
too. But it seems to be that I'm now the front man, getting
all the guys. Doesn't seem like such a delema (sp?), but it
can be. I hurt people, and I fucking hate it so much cause
then I get hurt.
Justin might not like me anymore. Not even for a friend...
but we'll see. Herm.... damn me to hell. I wonder if Sean
told Justin that I liked him and not.... let me explain it
better. (thrid person) I wonder if Sean told Justin that
you like him and not Justin?