i dont like breakfast
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2002-08-12 15:28:20 (UTC)

they like to fish

well nick and my dad went fishing. and im waiting for
krystina to come online and im waiting for jons response of
the pictures i sent him.

cracker is suppose to come over. i hope its just him and
not a bunch of people. because i dont know. but hes coming
over at 2.

my dad is letting me paint my room. its weird because like
a couple of months ago he's like "your not doing anything
to your room and thats final!" and now he's all nice about
it. im thinking pink walls and a green ceiling. or vice
versa. and paint my closet what ever color the ceiling is.
i like to paint. its fun ;) ;) ;)

twisted ruins everything.... idiot

ashley just sent me a great icon. its a little guy running
into a bathroom poping and underneath it says: too much
taco bell. hahahaha i love her ;)

i have to shower. ugh, im too lazy. but i have to shower
because i have to. ;)