The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2002-08-12 14:43:37 (UTC)

Its almost time to say goodbye

Well I donno if thats exactly true. But College starts in
a couple weeks and its really like um okay getting scared.
*sigh* I dont know what Im doing anymore. But its really
just time to let go of the past I think. Its the best move
and in the best intrest of me and others I think. Maybe
it'll make things better. Maybe worse. But hey its a
chance I have to take. Instead of living in fear of what
might be or what might have been Im just gonna live.
People have their own lives and I need to let them live
them and they need to let me live mine. I cant always be
with one person all the time. Im looking foward to
orientation. I get to meet new people. =) Well Im gonna
go for now. Have a nice day/afternoon/night.

Laters all who read this.