Lost and Found
2002-08-12 14:14:09 (UTC)

the nice, shy, quiet one with dignity. (or, hurry up and get here)

I feel very sick right now, my tummy hurts, my head aches,
im cold and i dont want to go to uni tomorrow.

so d won c b b. surprise surprise a boy wins a popularity
contest yet again.

my mom said she wouldn't date d if you paid her. even
though i ve been bitching about him all week, i would.

theres something about pathetic boys that try really really
hard that iam finding increasingly appealing as i get
older. theres something about nice smart boys. if only id
worked that out when i was younger i would have saved
myself alot of heartache. if i ever have a daughter and
boys are her thing i will be sure to tell her not to
overlook the shy quiet guy with dignity because he will
undoubtedly be the best of what is usually a very rotten
bunch. bitter much? me thinks yes.

onto other topics - my tummy hurts and i feel very sick.
unhappy muchly. i love the relatively new morcheeba song -
otherwise. it is the sum total of my relationship with a
boy who was never the shy quiet one with dignity. obviously.

au revoir.