down in my eyes
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2002-08-12 10:39:48 (UTC)


"I put my trust, in you. I pushed as far as I can go,
But through all this..
There's only one thing you should know-" -LP.

It means EveryThing. How could i have thought that you
were one of the truest ones around me??
I loved you cuz i Thought you were Real. I believe you
liked Me,.. cuz i Believed in you.
I didn't think you would, but you've Hurt me in the
worst possible way you EVER could have. It affects me,
more than Anything..
You are Not Real. you've proven. You are Not my friend.
You've proven that you Never Ever were.
You're just like the rest of them. ...Superficial.
All you care about is Yourself. What about the ones
around you, you never considered? I Am Not your friend.
How could I have thought that i could put my trust in you